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Annapurni Jayam Trouth M.D.

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Neurology / Pediatric Neurology
Pediatric Neurology / Pediatric Epilepsy /ADHD
American Board of Pediatrics, American Board of Psychiatry &
Neurology with special competence in Child Neurology
Seth GordhandasSunderdas Medical College, Parel Bombay, India

Pediatric Neurology: Bellevue Hospital Center & New York University Medical
Center, New York.




    Appointed as Consultant to the Neurological Devices Panel, other panels of the Medical Advisory Committee, and to the Center for Devices & Radiological Health, NIH, from 12/01/07 – 11/30/2011


    Appointed Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology (FAAN) – April 2005


    The A.B. Baker Award for excellence in Teaching in Neurology, National Award awarded by the Academy of Neurology, A.B. Baker Foundation, April 26, 2004.


    The Kaiser Permanente Senior Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching:  Awarded by the College of Medicine in November 2003. 


    Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Society: 2002 Faculty Inductee, Inducted by Local Gamma Chapter.  May 8, 2002.


    Howard University College of Medicine, Neuroscience Course:  Outstanding Teacher Award: 25 years of Service Award, February 2001.


    Howard University College of Medicine student council 2001 Award:  Presented at the Student Council Banquet by the Freshman Student Class, April 2001


    Aventis 2000 Visiting Professor Award: Presented by the Academy of Neurology.  Education & Research Foundation, April 2001, for Visiting Professor Lectures at Morehouse School of Medicine, September 2000. Sponsored by Aventis Pharmaceuticals, for the advancement of minority neuroscientists.


    Dr. ManeckBhagat Oration 2000 Award:  Presented by the Department of Pediatrics, K.E.M. Hospital, Bombay, India.  Invited Speaker and Visiting Professor, November 2000.


    Outstanding Teacher Award, 1998. Presented by the Senior Pediatric Resident Class, 1998.


    Woman of the Year Award, 1993. Presented by Women in Medicine for outstanding service and commitment to Howard University College of Medicine, April 13, 1993.


    Outstanding Teacher Award. Certificate Presented by the Freshman student class, Student Banquet, April 1991.


    Faculty Honoree 1982.  Certificate of Appreciation, Class of 1982.


    Junior Clinical Shirwalkar Gold Medal in Medicine, K.E.M.Hospital, Bombay India, April 1961.



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    Seizures – Recognition and Management; Stroke – Diagnosis & Prevention: Coordinated 2 workstations manned by residents, for Brain Awareness Week, March 2010, AFIP, Washington DC
    Stroke Recognition & Prevention:  NBC4 Health Fair, January 16, 2010


    Ask the doctor:  HUH Booth, NBC4 Health Fair, January 16, 2010


    Epilepsy Facts: Smoking & Epilepsy:  Talked at Crystal City Marriott for Fashion Show to benefit Metropolitan Washington Epilepsy Foundation, November 2009


    Understanding Epilepsy: WHUR radio interview on the “Daily Drum “ with host – Harold Fisher, WHUR radio station, 7:10-7:30 pm, March 17, 2009


    Seizures – Recognition and Management; Stroke – Diagnosis & Prevention: Coordinated 2 workstations for Brain Awareness Week, March 17, 2009, AFIP, Washington DC


    Featured Speaker: Epilepsy Foundation of America, Metropolitan Washington DC Chapter Leaders Networking  Breakfast  Fundraising Meeting:  Bank of America 10th Floor Penthouse Veranda, Washington DC, October 29, 2008


    Understanding Brain Development in Children :Guest speaker on News & Notes with Kenya Young ( 1:20 pm), NPR (National Public Radio Station - WAMU), June 26, 2008


    Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Workshop:  Luncheon Speaker, Secondary Prevention of Stroke, Blackburn Center, Howard University, March 3, 2008


    Stroke Prevention, Ambassasor Program:     Blackburn Center, Howard University, January 26, 2008


    Stroke Prevention.  WHUR radio interview during the ‘INSIGHT’ segment conducted by Mr. Herman Washington, WHUR radio station, January 24, 2008


    101 Things You Did Not Know About Epilepsy.  Metropolitan Washington Epilepsy Conference, Gallaudet University Kellogg Conference Center, November 8, 2007


    Autism Spectrum Disorders.  A Seminar on Mental Issues, organized by the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIA), Metro Washington DC Chapter, Woodlands Restaurant, October 27, 2007


    Epilepsy Recognition and Management Community Forum for Education and Development of Community Epilepsy Parent Advocates.  The District of Columbia “Awareness & Access to Care for Children & Youth with Epilepsy Initiative.” THEARC, Washington DC, July 14, 2007


    Epilepsy Recognition and Management Community Forum for Education and Development of Community Epilepsy Parent Advocates.  The District of Columbia “Awareness & Access to Care for Children & Youth with Epilepsy Initiative.”  August 19, & September 16, 2006


    Multiple Sclerosis:  The Washington Times. Shelley Widhalm, Features writer (202-636-3155), January 12, 2006


    Stem Cells may Reverse Spinal Cord Injury:  Consultant for article by Gimari Ladd, The Hilltop, September 28, 2005.


    Volunteer of the Year, Recognition Award for Community Service: Epilepsy Foundation of America,  Board of Directors Meeting, Sheraton Columbia Hotel, Columbia, May 19,2004


    Migraine:  Live international call-in talk show, conducted by ChinneduOffor, Voice of America, Housecall program, Washington D.C., September 9, 2003.


    Amnesia:  Live international talk show, conducted by Mr. Jumaane Ponder, International Broadcasting Bureau, Washington D.C., July 17, 2003


    Stroke Recognition & Prevention:  Sandy Spring Community Center, Sandy Spring, Md., April 19, 2002.


    Brain Awareness Week Participant and Speaker: Seizures and Strokes, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP), March 2001.


    Health Fair Participant & Speaker:  Nutrition, Exercise and Stroke Prevention:  First African Methodist Episcopal Church, Gaithersburg, Maryland, May19, 2001


    Health Fair Participant and Speaker:  Stroke Prevention.  First African Methodist Episcopal Church, Gaithersburg, Maryland, May 27, 2000


    WHMM TV (currently WHUT-TV): Understanding Multiple Sclerosis.  Aired in January 2000.


    WHMM TV Channel 32 (currently WHUT-TV):  Strokes in African Americans.  Aired in Spring 2000.


    ALPHA PHI ALPHA Chapter Meeting:  Modifiable Stroke Risk factors in African Americans.  Eastern
    Region Community Center, November 20, 1999.


    JET Magazine: Interviewed for Sleep Disorders. March 2, 1998 issue.


    Cable Channel 16: Interviewed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children. March, 1998.


    Health Fair Participant: First AME Church, Gaithersburg, Maryland. Neurological and Pediatric Problems. May 1999.


    Health Fair Participant: First AME Church, Gaithersburg, Maryland. Neurological and Pediatric Problems. May 1998.


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    WOL Radio Station, AM 1450: "Seizure Disorders in Children"  July 15, 1994.


    WDVM T.V. Channel 9, Morning Break Show: "Cerebral Palsy" Discussant. October 24, 1983


    UDC Radio Station AM 90: "Neurological, behavioral and Learning Problems in Children" July 29, 1982.